What a year!! 2020 will be remembered as the year of challenges. Collectively, we faced a world in an uncertain state. Social, climate, and public health crises abounded. But everybody has their own story to tell, their own perspective, their own losses and their own triumphs.

We'd like to share yours.

2020 Art of Living is a community art project in which we are telling our tales on small personalized canvases that you can order through this website. Conjure an image of what the 2020 experience meant for you; a success, an emotion, a moment you'll never forget, and apply it to your very own 5" X 5" canvas in whatever medium you like.

Return it, and it will be part of a brick-and-mortar installation in the fall. 

2020 was both a shared and very personal experience. 

2020 Art of Living will reflect both.

Click "Click for Canvas" to get yours.

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